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Expression of Stromal-Derived Factor-1 Is Decreased by IL-1 and TNF and in Dermal Wound Healing

Stromal-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) is a CXC chemokine that is believed to be constitutively expressed by stromal cells of numerous tissues. In this report, we demonstrate that dermal fibroblasts and vessels of noninflamed tissues express SDF-1. Unexpectedly, we found that expression of SDF-1 is regulated by inflammation. Expression of SDF-1 by primary cultures of human gingival fibroblasts is potently inhibited by activated macrophages via secretion of IL-1α and TNF-α. Levels of SDF-1 mRNA also decrease in acutely inflamed mouse dermal wounds. We propose that SDF-1 functions as a homeostatic regulator of tissue remodeling, whose expression stabilizes existing dermal architecture.