Neuro Probe CT300L2/5

Each Neuro Probe 96-well crystallography plate system consists of a lid, a polystyrene 96-well microplate with greased rims, and a Teflon® film bonded to a rigid frame.

To use this hanging drop chamber manually, add an appropriate volume of crystal growing solution to the microplate, then place the film upside down (well ID’s backward reading) and pipette your precipitant solutions onto the centers of the positioning rings. Invert the film and press the frame onto the four corner pins of the plate. Inspect each site to make sure the grease ring is in full contact with the film. If not, gently press on the film until the grease ring makes complete contact.

Once a crystal is observed, it may be removed for observation or further experimentation without disturbing the remaining samples. Cut the film between the wells with a sharp blade and lift the desired section with forceps. The sample may also be replaced in position and resealed for further growth.