Microplate Specifications

Each disposable Neuro Probe ChemoTx® system instrument comes with a disposable Neuro Probe microplate with a well volume of either 30µL or 300µL. These microplates are suitable for use in most standard automated densitometric and fluorescence readers. To determine suitability for your reader, consult the specifications provided with the reader and use the dimensional data for Neuro Probe microplates in the table below. For luminescence or scintillation counters requiring a white microplate, or to use optical-bottom, opaque plates in a fluorescence reader, see funnel plate information below.

Neuro Probe MB-series 96-well chemotaxis chambers are reusable but can be used with various disposable microplates. We recommend only the Neuro Probe 30µL microplate and a few microplates made by other manufacturers. In order to form an acceptable seal, the microplate must be uniform in well height and well-rim shape. Based on our own tests and feedback from our customers, we seek to identify and stock microplates that meet our sealing standards. Currently we offer the microplates listed below. Other plates may fail to seal properly. Use of oversize plates may damage the chamber and void the warranty.

Reusable 96-well inserts can be used instead of disposable microplates with MB-series chemotaxis chambers. The reusable inserts are also suitable for use in automated readers, and relevant dimensional information is given below.

See Chemotaxis Accessories for stock numbers, prices, and additional information on microplates and inserts for MB-series chambers.

Dimensions for Disposable Microplates and Reusable Inserts

Stock # 10x-x 11x-x MPC MP30 IA-100 IB-50 IC-25
Well Size (µL) 30 300 400 30 100 50 25
Overall Dimensions Length (cm) 12.779 12.784 12.776 12.779 12.776 12.776 12.776
Width (cm) 8.560 8.557 8.547 8.560 8.585 8.585 8.585
Thickness (cm) 0.8026 1.529 1.44 0.8026 0.394 0.343 0.394
Top of plate to bottom of well(mm) 1.981 11.912 11.3 1.981 3.2 2.77 3.13
Bottom of skirt to bottom of well(mm) 6.045 3.378 3.1 6.045 0.74 0.66 0.81
Well Locations* (mm) x1 14.409 14.409 14.4 14.409 14.315 14.315 14.315
x2 113.403 113.403 113.4 113.403 113.33 113.33 113.33
y1 11.326 11.326 11.3 11.326 11.35 11.35 11.35
y2 74.323 74.323 74.3 74.323 74.36 74.36 74.36
Well diameter @bottom(mm) 4.03 5.00 6.1 4.03 6.35 4.77 3.18

*All plates are 96-well, with 12 columns and 8 rows. x1 = distance from left edge of plate to center of first column; x2 = distance from left edge of plate to center of 12th column; y1 = distance from top of plate to center of first row; y2 = distance from top of plate to center of 8th row.


Transferring Well Contents With the 96-Well Funnel Plate

If you are using a low volume, 30µL microplate in a ChemoTx or MB-series instrument, and you wish to use a different microplate in your automated reader or scintillation counter, you may use a 96-well funnel plate (Stock# FP1) to transfer the contents of the 30µL plate to another microplate. After your cell assay is incubated and processed according to the protocol for using automated readers, place the large openings of the funnel plate over the wells of the 30µL plate and position the second microplate over the funnel plate so that the small funnel openings are in the wells. Invert the assembly composed of the funnel plate and two microplates, then centrifuge it to move the cells into the second microplate.